This is the kitchen where the local women cooked for us ( Not in The Building.)

Our Group

They got our water from a well

This is Pallo. My son John wanted me to bring a soccer ball and give it to a child in Africa. This made Pallo's day he had never had a soccer ball and played with it every day with half the village. Thanks to my son John David for his thoughtful gift.

This is how they cooked for all of us

This how they cooked for all of us.

This is My Favorite Picture I took while in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. It's a Hipo and Its Baby 

They dried the rice we ate

The Teaching Facility work site and 80 Ministers that came to visit us and thank us at the work site. They came on foot and bicycle from about a 50 miles 

Happy to sponser The Weymouth Street Hockey League! (The league has over 250 children and is growing.) Team Barber Home Inspections!

Proud To Be Part of This Mission Trip...


South Weymouth Church of The Nazarene

South Weymouth church members return from Africa mission trip

Fifteen members of the South Weymouth Church of the Nazarene returned June 2 from a two-week mission trip to the town of Milange in west-central Mozambique.

The culmination of nearly two years of planning, the group traveled to this remote location to help build an educational center that will serve to provide basic educational needs as well as vocational training and pastoral training for the community and for the Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique.

The South Weymouth group assisted local builders with plastering, electrical system installation, painting of steel roof trusses and the placement of the trusses and steel roof sheeting on the building.

In addition to the construction phase of the trip, the group also wanted to build relationships with the people in the wider community of Milange. This was accomplished by playing soccer and by sharing recreational time with the children of the community.

After completing their mission, the group visited the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa to see some of the wildlife before returning to the South Shore.

The group was directed by the lead pastor of the church, the Rev. Samuel Simoes, and by the minister of pastoral care, the Rev. Dr. David Restrick. Restrick had previously served for 25 years as a missionary with the Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique. Other members of the group were John Barber, Leanne Drayton, Katie Henley, Maureen Henley, Megan Henley, Elizabeth Rowe-Cushing, all of Weymouth; Brent Richardson, Edie Richardson and Heidi Richardson, of Braintree; Deusa McCreary, of Holbrook; Jeff Turner, of East Bridgewater; and Ron and Fran Wright, of Quincy.

Team members are discussing the possibility of recruiting additional members of the church to return to Mozambique with two teams in 2020 to continue the development of the project in Milange..